The Scissors

Every craftsman and artist have tools of their trade but one stands out at De Angelis - the cutting shears.  When Guido started his shop his scissors were already a trusted tool, an extension of the hand as is an artist’s brush.  Three generations later they have now become the same to Kayel, who is a Southpaw.

Kayel learned the same techniques as Guido, through his father Kayel, and could not settle for just any pair of scissors to continue the legacy. Carpenters hand carved an exact reverse of his grandfathers handles in wood and then cast a duplicate set of handles resulting in the same scissors as his grandfathers - in doing so, Kayel continues to create patterns that adorn homes, palaces, museums, planes, the list keeps going.

As Guido's grandchildren, Kristine and Kayel De Angelis, we strive for perfection and client satisfaction. With hundreds of stock models, there is truly something for everyone’s taste. We welcome you to visit our furniture gallery and workrooms to see the DA difference.

Kristine and Kayel Guy De Angelis